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hi lillian [Mar. 4th, 2008|10:21 pm]
i started a new journal. but i'm keeping it private, because i'm finding that it's good for me to keep some things to myself.
nothing that i normally wouldn't tell you. just it's nice to know i have stuff just for me to see.
but you understand. :)

there are no new and shiny boys in my life. although, i wish there were. never been so horny in my life. it's really sad and pathetic, actually.
i have the biggest crush on my friend garrett though. but that's just going to stay a crush. he's quickly turning into one of my best friends, and if there were ever something to happen between us, and something went wrong... i would be devastated if i lost him as a friend. so i'm trying to hook him up with various girls i know.. but that's not working, because he doesn't call them back.. (he and i flirt SHAMELESSLY, so i think it's kind of flattering.)

school is more stressful than it has ever been. in class every mon thru thursday from 8am to 9pm. and friday 10am to 3. with maybe a one hour break. all the rest of my time is all homework and no play. so sad. but a friend and i might be taking a road trip for our spring break, and that will be nice.
started a pharmacy tech class... so far, so boring. not really "learning" anything i didn't know. so i use that as my time to return text messages i got earlier in the day/week that i chose to ignore. lol

basically, my life hasn't changed very much, and if you tried really hard you could've guessed all of that.

gossip wise... no gossip. i don't get to see anyone anymore because my schedule is so jam-packed.

oh, started marathoning grey's anatomy a couple weeks ago. i LOVE(!!!) that show! the soundtrack is even better if you haven't gotten around to listening... i'm only on season 2, but i only watch it on weekends when i need a homework break. lol

bought fleetwood mac's greatest hits last night. cool.

songs i think you should listen to:
dead streets by the monotypes
edge of the ocean by ivy
song beneath the song by maria taylor
have it all by jeremy kay
in the sun by joseph arthur

let's correspond through this. or email. because i'm only on here because i saw you left a comment. lol. either way, i want to keep talking with you :)

[User Picture]From: barefootlilly
2008-03-09 06:45 pm (UTC)
awww jamester thanks for thinking of me boo. i totally understand the private journal thing, that's what mine basically is, and i just use it to write crappy poetry and stupid things in. it's definitely not as cool as it was back in the friedchickenisgoodforthesoul days for sure. i will drop you an e-mail sometime. i get back into town on the 15th and i will call you. we should go to island taco again. <33333
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